Why do we sleep?

The main fault about sleep is to think that while we are sleeping our organism has a rest. But it does not reflect reality.

You will be surprised, but sleep is a wakerife period when restoration of our body and mind occurs.

The exact information of how does it happen and why is still a kind of mystery. Scientific men concur with an opinion that a person has to sleep every night, because we need it for the best possible function of our body and our mind and for our health.

How much sleep do we need?

The number of sleeping hours depends on your age. For example, children always need more hours than adults. sleep-report


  • Newborns have to sleep 11-14 hours a day
  • School age children have to sleep 9-11 hours per night
  • Adults have to sleep 7-9 hours



Sad to say, a person can’t just cumulate sleep deprivation and then log many hours of sleep to supplement it. Nevertheless it is better to sleep and try to make good for deficit than not.

If you want to have healthy sleep, you have to sleep every night. It will help you to keep head above the water because you will have the necessary amount of energy and vitality.

Why do we sleep at all?

One thing is certain: sleep makes us feel healthier and better. It is a stark fact. We can compare sleeping with another life-critical activity – eating. Scientists claim, that hunger is a great protective mechanism for our body and health which helps us to know what our organism requires and that it has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. It is also true for sleep. When we want to sleep, our organism sends out a signal that it has to have a rest and to piece out the shortage of energy.



There are two main theories of why do we sleep: inactivity theory and energy theory. The first one says that we sleep because such an inactivity at night helps to adapt for living conditions. Many scientists claim that it is true for the ancient times when people and animals had to adjust to living conditions and to save a survival function.  The theory suggests that animals that were able to stay still and quiet during these periods of vulnerability had an advantage over other animals that remained active.


The second theory may be related with the first one, because the main idea of it is the conversation of energy. This theory means that the primary function of sleep is to reduce an individual`s demand.

Also there is the third explanation why do we sleep: our organism uses sleep as a helper which restores what is lost in your body when you are awake.

All the theories are still unproven, and scientists are making a lot of experiments to learn more about this function.

Nevertheless, we may say with conviction that we can`t live without sleep.



Why do we sleep?
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