Unknown New York

Have you ever wanted to see New York as locals see it? We have collected wonderful places of the city, which are not popular among tourists.


The list of the most interesting places where you can gain the local’s understanding and admiration of the “Big Apple” starts with Apotheke Bar. The Bar was opened at the times of prohibition. It is situated in Manhattan’s district China Town. Just few people know about the place, not to speak of tourists. Nevertheless, the bar called “Apotheke” offers a wide range of unusual delicious cocktails made of natural herbs. The locals admire the place, claiming it is one of the best bars in all New York.
A little bit of history: the side street where the bar is situated was called “bloody” because of the crimes were committed at that place in the days of the Mafia. In 1920-s the bar actually wasn’t the bar, it was a chemists shop, but…without any medicine.

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Apotheke Bar,New york
Then, the Cloisters. The middle-aged museum is located in Harlem, and it is the subdivision of famous Metropolitan. The collection of the museum is really great and big, the museum’s building looks like a middle-aged castle and it delights the eye. Thanks to Rockefeller – he was the building sponsor.

the Cloisters,new york
The third place is Gansenvoort Market. Have you ever heard about a famous market Chelsea? So, Gansenvoort Market is “Chelsea for locals”. There is the most delicious and flavored coffee – New Yorkers really enjoy it!
It is interesting to note, that the market is not pointed at any map, that is why it is impossible for tourists to find it out.
The market is a wonderful sample of industrial style of New York – it is worth to visit the market cause you can feel all the depth and atmosphere of a time-honored New York.

Gansenvoort Market, New york
Holographic Studios is held in low regard among tourists, but it is one of the most unusual and exciting places in New York. Holographic Studios is the museum of holograms, where you can learn everything about this type of art and even order your own holographic things.

Holographic Studios,New York
The last unusual and unknown sightseeing in New York is…the Lenin Monument, which is situated on one of the roofs of the prestigious houses with an emblematic name “Red Square”.
The monument was bought in 1994 by the owners of the building because they were so deeply impressed by the idea of socialism. They even wanted to install the monument in one of the parks, but the officials prohibited of it. So, the businessmen set the monument up on the roof, where Lenin is pointing at the better tomorrow.

the Lenin Monument in New York

Unknown New York
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