Top 7 Wonderful reasons why you should visit Russia

Do you want to know why should visit Russia?
We have picked up top reasons.

Typically tourists go to Russia in spring or summer, but it is also beautiful in autumn and winter. Maslenitsa, The Victory Day, Christmas, The Gold Ring, two capitals – Moscow and Saint-Petersburg – this list is not comprehensive.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the most beautiful lake in the world. It is inhabited with thousands of species of different animals, insects, microorganisms, fish and plants. The lake`s size is so big, that it can be compared to the surface of Belgium. Lake Baikal is the purest lake in the world.

The place is a UNESCO-listed Heritage Site.


Russian Cuisine

Meat jelly called «holodets», thin pancakes which are called «bliny», alcohol drink «vodka», a kind of lemon pie «limonnik» – do you want to have a taste of these meals? Russian restaurants and cafes are waiting for you! Russian cuisine is appeared to be one of the tastiest cuisines, standing at one level with French, Italian and Japanese.

1024_Fried Chicken

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Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro is considered to be one of the most wonderful and exciting. It is the third largest metro in the world! The marble walls, stunning chandeliers, high ceilings – a picture is worth a thousand words.


The biggest country in the world

Russia is the biggest country in the world – it covers 11,9% of the surface of the Earth. Do you want to see snow in summer? Go to Russia. Do you want to enjoy sun and seaside in winter? Go to Russia.

This country is so different and it offers variety of places and locations, parks, forests, sea and even ocean.


The Literary History of Russia

The Literary collection of Russia consists of such great and talented writers like Gogol, Pushkin, Dostoevskij, Bulgakov etc. Want to feel and to gain a new depth and understanding of their works, which are known worldwide? Visit Russia.


Two capitals

The Russian Federation has two capitals: Moscow, which is the official one, and Saint-Petersburg, which is considered to be a «capital of culture». It is believed, that people in Moscow work and in Saint-Petersburg they have a rest.

Nevertheless, both capitals are really fascinating. Peterhof, Hermitage and Nevsky Prospekt in Saint-Petersburg and the Red Square, Tsaritsyno and Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow are the most incredible points of interest.


The Russian winter

Winter in Russia is like a fairytale. Don`t be afraid of it! New Year, Christmas, Maslenitsa – Russian people know how to relax. You`ll find beautiful gardens and parks covered with snow, colourful Christmas trees and festivities.


Top 7 Wonderful reasons why you should visit Russia
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