Top 7 reasons why people travel

Nolond has revealed the main reasons why people travel.

To see people

You will be surprised, but the main reason why people travel is their desire to see their relatives and friends. People make your trip so interesting, especially your nearest and dearest.


To meet yourself

It is difficult to find yourself in your ordinary life. Trips let people discover themselves. The further you go away from your home, the closer you come to your true self.


To try new things

Sometimes ordinary life is not so interesting so we need new emotions and feelings. Whatever you do: visit new places or do paragliding you get emotions that you can never have in your everyday life. Also people focus on food and culture of other countries, because no trip is complete if you don`t taste national cuisine. Food and culture can`t be separated from each other.

local cuisine

To learn

Every day is a new adventure, especially when people travel. You can learn more about yourself, about humanity, history, about the world… Fantastic!


To become a storyteller

«Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller», – Ibn Battuta. Travelers can`t hold their emotions and they express them on paper or orally. The more experience you get, the more stories you have to tell other people.


To get outside your comfort zone

The most amazing and incredible memories of our life are out of our comfort zone. When you travel, you accomplish things you never thought you could do. What can be better than irreplaceable memories?

comfort zone

To explore

You will be shocked when you`ll see other people and rich diversity between countries. The way people greet each other, the way they cook, eat, their customs and traditions are different all over the world. You get new experience and try out new things.



Top 7 reasons why people travel
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