Tips for Beautiful Nails

Your perfect nails.

Fancy manicure is an essential part of everyday life. Of course, when you have lack of time or money, it is difficult to get manicure and beautiful nails.
But you can care for your nails every day, and it will prevent them from getting damaged or broken.
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Learn some tips for perfect nails.

Apply cream after washing your hands. It will make nails grow healthy and strong and it will also help to prepare your skin for cold winter.


Use a base before applying polish. Nail polish without a base can destroy your nails, making them lifeless and dry.


Always take old nail polish off, using special nail polish remover and a cotton ball.


Do not cut your cuticles – it will help you to protect your nails from germs and make them perfect.


Wear your nails short, if you can`t take care of long ones.


Eat carrots, spinach, grapes, apples and peaches to fill your nails with vitamin A.


Place your hands in a bowl of white vinegar before painting them, so the polish lasts longer.


These tips will make your nails perfect.


Tips for Beautiful Nails
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