The most wonderful Italian names to steal

10 names you`ll want to borrow


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Italian flavor is the most attractive and famous, so there is no surprise if you are fond of Italian culture, cuisine and architecture. Do you love the sound of Italian language? If yes, this article is for you. We have revealed 10 names you will want to steal and name your children. Maybe your children will thank you with «Grazie».

The first name is Massimo, which means «the greatest». It is a short version of Maximus.

If you are looking for a good alternative for Mary, pay your attention to Mariella. The name means «wish-for-child».

The next name is not popular in the U.S., but it breaks the records in Italy. The name Francesco is one of the most favorite Italian names because of Pope Francis.

A classic Italian name Carmina is a wonderful alternative for Carmen.

The name Valentino got the highest popularity back in 1920-s, when a famous actor Rudolph Valentino dead. In the U.S., it is also trending up again.

In the Middle Ages Beatrice was a common name in Europe, and now it is coming back to fashion. The meaning of the name is «a girl, who brings happiness».

Elena is also an Italian name, which means «bright life» and it is popular not only in the U.S., but also in Northern Europe.

Franco («free man») is short for Francis.  Two years ago this name was highly popular in Florida, with a state-specific ranking of 498.

Noemi means «my delight», and it ranks in the top twenty names in Italy. As for the U.S., Naomi is more popular than Noemi.

Alfredo is the authentically Italian version of the name Alfred. The name means “wise counsellor,” but many people likely think of the pasta sauce when first hearing the name.


The most wonderful Italian names to steal
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