The most expensive things in the world

There are so many things in the world that accessible only for wealthy people. We have revealed TOP 10 the most expensive things in the world.




  • A toilet bowl, crustated with diamonds, 5.000.000 $. It was constructed in honor of centenary of toilet bowl`s invention.

toilet bowl

  • Gold Iphone 6 is priced at a whooping $48 million USD, covered with gold or platinum and diamonds that total over 100 carats.

Gold Iphone 6

  • Have you ever wanted to find out an engagement ring at the bottom of a crystal glass with Martini Drink? Dreams come true at Algonquim Hotel in New York City. The price of this diamond martini is $10.000, but net price depends on the type of diamond ring you will choose.


  • The most expensive bed costs $6,3 million. It was designed by Stuart Hughes. The frame is made of ashtree, chestnut and cherry-tree. All the curves of this bed are decorated with 107 kilos of 24-carats gold. Also there are a lot of diamonds, sapphires etc. The true bed for kings and queens or…multi-millionaires.


  • The only feather of an extinct bird was realized $27.000.


  • One of the most expensive cars in the world is Bugatti Veyron Supersport which estimated cost is $2.6 million. This model is the fastest car model in the world. Can you feel that your heart is panting?


  • This vacuum cleaner is listed in the Guiness Book of World Records because of its price – $20.000. All its surface is covered with Swarovski crystals.

vacuum cleaner

  • French potato La Bonnotte is said to be the most expensive fluke. 1 kilo of it costs $500 euros.

French potato

  • An ice-cream in one of the restaurants in Manhattan is considered to be the most expensive desert on the Earth. The price of it is $25.000. it is served in a bowl made of pure gold and decorated with a diamond-bracelet that total over 1 carat. The top of the ice-cream is overstrewn with 5 grams of edible gold.


  • A word is out, that a Malaysian businessman owns the most expensive yachts. It is estimated $4.8 billion and it is called History Supreme. This designed vessel is decorated with just under 100.000 kilos of gold and platinum as well as tiny pieces of meteorites and even bones of dinosaurs.



The most expensive things in the world
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