The healthiest vegetables for you: TOP 10

If you want to be fit, eat fresh vegetables. If you want to be healthy, eat fresh vegetables. If you want to lose weight, eat fresh vegetables.

Whatever you choose and whatever your reason is, you have to eat fresh vegetables.

There are dozens of vitamins and important nutrients which help your immune function, your body and even your mood.

What are the healthiest veggies you should be eating to boost your disease-fighting potential? What are the most important vegetables for loosing weight?

We have found out the Top 10.

  1. Onion

In spite of its specific savour and smack, onion is one of the healthiest vegetables you should put into your daily menu. Onion helps with diseases, more over it is a natural helper that has cancer-fighting antioxidants! It is better to eat onion raw, because it loses its health properties after heat treating.

You may combine onion with cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados etc.

But do not eat an onion before a romantic date.

  1. Broccoli

Only few foods measure up to broccoli`s properties. First of all, it is a great immunostimulator. Second, it is included in every diet.

The most appropriate way of cooking is to steam, but some prefer to sautэ.

Broccoli is full of vitamin C, beta-carotene and folate. Broccoli intake reduces the risk of catching a cold.

  1. Corn

Good news: corn is easy to cook. Boil it as much longer as it possible (about one hour and a half). Scientists found that the longer corn was boiled, the higher the level of its antioxidants.



  1. Carrots

Research suggests that carrots have the richest source of  Vitamin A, which has an influence on eyesight. Cardiovascular system is also protected if you eat raw carrots – they are really rich in vitamin C.


  1. Peas

Peas are also one of the most important and healthiest vegetables in a daily menu. First of all, they are really stick to your ribs. Second, they protect your immune system.

How to cook? Boil, steam, fry. Of course, eat peas raw.

So, little pigeons can carry great messages. Do not forget about it.

  1. Spinach

If you are on a diet, spinach is a must-have.

Scientists believe that spinach diet is a great way to escape a lot of diseases such as  arthritis or osteoporosis.

Do not forget to buy some spinach to your granny!

  1. Red bell pepper

Boiled, fried, steamed, stuffed… Whatever you cook red bell pepper, it is heavy on vitamin C. Healthy properties of this vegetable helps to prevent heart disease.

Add it to your shopping list.
Red bell pepper

  1. Beets

This oxblood vegetable helps your body to keep fit and helps your eyes with lots of lutein. Moreover, beets have special antioxidants which prevent cancer.

  1. Kale

Kale is one of the most popular vegetable among vegans. There is no surprise: you can cook soup, salad, sandwich or just eat it raw.

Kale is full of lutein, which is good for your eyesight and it is full of vitamin K, which is good for your blood circulation.

  1. Asparagus

The last must-have is asparagus, which has lots of different vitamins. In ancient times asparagus was used by doctors. Now it is also on the top of its relevancy: asparagus is really tasty and law in calories. It has lots of volate and vitamin K.




The healthiest vegetables for you: TOP 10
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