The Berlin Wall: facts

Interesting facts about the Berlin Wall.

Are you searching for interesting historical facts about the Berlin wall? Here you are!

The Berlin Wall was doubtless one of the major symbols of so-called Iron Curtain. It was erected in 1961 and was destroyed in 1990.


The length of the legendary Wall was 155 meters.


The Wall divided Berlin in two parts – West and East. The space between those parts was called «Death Strip».


In 1936 West German tried to destroy the Wall with tanks.


In 1987 David Bowie performed at the Wall. People from East Berlin couldn`t see him, but they could hear his singles.


There are several pieces of the Wall in the toilet of one of the casinos in Las Vegas.


According to the survey, 85% of ex-inhabitants of East Germany are happy that there is no wall.


The Berlin Wall: facts
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