Temporary tattoo transforms your arm into a mousepad

Smart tattoos.

Exciting news for those who has passion for gold or silver flash tattoos and modern gadgets! MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research joined their minds to turn temporary tattoos into a mouse pad. Incredible!


The whole team have worked on a project under the name «Duoskin» and have invented a variety of tech temporary metallic tattoos that let control electronics: just put your hands on  this tattoo to take control of a device.


Team experts say: the material of the tattoos is gold-leaf. It is not expensive and skin-friendly, so there is a possibility to wear these tattoos every day.


There are 3 types of on-skin interfacing:

Displaying output

Sensing touch input

Wireless communication

These on-skin devices afford their users an opportunity to have control over smartphones and display information. They are also sensitive to body temperature and people`s emotional state.

Scientists predict that these devices will be an extension of people in the nearest future.


Temporary tattoo transforms your arm into a mousepad
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