Summer 2016 nail trends

If you are excited with new nail design, if you try to follow nail fashion and you are fond of new colouring and shapes, this article is for you. Let’s meet summer 2016 nail trends!

Summing up all the top nail art trends 2016, we have come to a conclusion that minimalism and nude are the keys of this summer. Bright colours get along with the neutrals. So, what are the trends?

French nails

French nails do not go out of vogue. They are like Little Black Dress. They are appropriate for every event.

In 2016 french nails have changed a little: the nails’ tips can be colourful – blue, red, orange… whatever you want to have.

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Geometrical patterns

As minimalism is the key of summer-2016, geometrical patterns are the craze of day. Do you want to be all fashionable? Bum your manicurist for squares, triangles and lines. The most appropriate colours are black&white, but they can be different.

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Rainbow manicure is a great way to show that you follow nail fashion. Colourful and bright manicure attracts people’s attention. Blue or pink gradients are the best choice when you take a holiday at the seaside.

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Nude&Neutral Manicure

As French nails, nude and neutral manicure is classics, especially if you have to spend summer in the office. Pastel shades such as beige, white and soft pink will dress up your nails.

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Gold and Silver

We have revealed, that gold and silver are the most popular colours of summer 2016. The mesmerizing metallic colours remind us of Egyptian jewelry and magnificence of east nights. The top can be black – it looks more profitable.

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Summer 2016 nail trends
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