Men and women: differences

Men and women are different – that’s the fact.

Of course, we would like to say that male and female are similar, but it is not true. It doesn’t mean that one is better the other, but it means that we are different and the world is built on such dissimilarities.
There are 4 main distinctions between men and women.

Men are better at orienting
This fact is proved: male is superior at reading maps and getting geographical bearings. The men’s parietal cortex and amygdala are larger than female’s, and it gives a head start to men.

Women communicate a lot
Women is more emotional than men. The frontal lobe and the lambic cortex are obedient to the women’s communicative function. Scientists proved that an average woman say 20000 words a day. An average man says 7000 words a day. Nice touch!
Sex, men and women
When it comes to sex, there are always quarrels. Libido of male is much stronger than female’s – it is an old-established belief. It is believed that men tend to have sex with women just because of their physiological characteristics. Meanwhile, women tend to be more emotional. Argument runs. Nevertheless, the reality proves that women like to connect emotionally before succumbing to their sexual desire.

Logic or emotion?
Men often use logic, women often use emotion. Since childhood men are taught to be strong and not to express their emotions: due to people’s belief, it is a sign of weakness.
On the other hand, women are more emotional. When they talk, they express their emotions, it is easier for them to start cry, laugh, etc. Partially it depends on brain chemistry, but also on social ideas.


Men and women: differences
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