Make up for ears

Ear makeup craze. Don`t miss!

Girls are crazy about their appearance and different fashion innovations. Men get used to the fact that women always try to show off. But they couldn`t predict this: make up for ears.


It is rumored that make-up for ears appeared in 1990s, but it was not much sought after. Times have changed: ears` make up is at its height – thanks to Louis Vuitton company and its fashion shows.

To look stylish, you can make up only your laps

make up for laps

Add some glitter to your hair to make a jewelry effect


Wanna keeping in line? Make your ears silver. Metallic versions are gaining traction!

silver ears

Do not show surprise when you meet girls with such ears

make up for ears

New makeup trend alert, who thought we would have to worry about our ears when were getting ready for a disco night? Apparently, earrings just won`t do…

make up ears

Would you like to make up your ears? Yes or no?




Make up for ears
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