IQ is your foreteller

Five smart facts of your intelligence.

When it comes to IQ, it is always considered as one of misguided personality traits. What`s IQ? Just a number, and this number doesn’t mean nothing.

But it is not the case. According to an intelligence researcher Stuart Ritchie, your IQ can predict your risk of death, longevity and even prosperity. Psychologists have been able to replicate these findings over and over. Ritchie says, that IQ number doesn`t set the limit for our possibilities, but it gives people a jumping-off point for different spheres of life.

How does it work?

Average intelligence is considered to be ordinary

The first thing you have to know about IQ number is that it is a composite score made up of the results of many different tests of reasoning, memory, acquired knowledge, and mental processing speed. An average score is set at 100 after totaling and comparing.

Most people have this average number of 100, and only 2.2% have an IQ number of 130 or higher.


High IQ protects you from death

According to many researches, people with high IQs tend to be healthier. As a result, they live longer than the other people. Scientists found out that there is difference between those who have low IQs and and those who have high IQs.

It is impossible to understand how it works. Intelligence researches claim people with higher IQs tend to make more money than people with lower scores.

Also smart people tend to avoid accidents.

IQ helps in career, not in happiness

IQ is correlated with career success and prosperity, but not happiness and family life. People with high intelligence are great workers and they can make money, but they are really unhappy in their love life.

“The correlation between IQ and happiness is usually positive, but also usually smaller than one might expect (and sometimes not statistically significant),” Ritchie says.


People are getting smarter

Increasing quality of childhood nutrition, health care, education and food cause the Flynn effect.

What`s that? IQ scores appear to be increasing every year. Ritchie explains, that it is likely the result of an increased emphasis on knowledge.


IQ is increasing in developing countries

The greatest gains in IQ are in developing countries, which deal with childhood nutrition, economy, social standard of living and access to health care.




IQ is your foreteller
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