How to save money: tips

If you read this article, you don`t know how to lay up money.There are several important tips, which you have to learn by heart religiously if you have a desire to save money.



First of all, write down all of your spending. Tracking of your credit cards and cash will help you to control yourself and your expenditure. There are so many ways to track all of your money: online apps and special cash books.
You have to track all the money you spend: money for food, transportation, clothes etc.
Then, if you want to minimize your spending, you should not buy things on impulse. Think over each purchase, especially an expensive one, for at least one day. Those who do not do it, don`t realize what a big amount of money is spent on useless things.

Are you going to establish in a savings discipline? Bring lunch and coffee to work – it is one of the best ways to lay up money.

savingsWhen you go for food shopping, make a shopping list and follow it. Sticking to it helps to spend much less money.

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Most people have so big houses and apartments, which they do not heed. Don`t pay for extra space: more useful things are waiting for you!

Look for sales at shopping centers and outlet villages. Keep in mind, that quality ≠ big price. Discount is a good chance for you to take a dress of your dream for 50%.

On the other hand, when you consider new clothes in terms of quality at reasonable price, it helps you to save 2/3 of your money. Remember, that it is better to buy a new pair of shoes of high quality which you`ll wear for 3-4 years, than to buy a poor quality and put down the drain after 3 months.

Finally, if you want to save money on budget, create a spending plan and divert several sums of money: for living expenses, food, clothes, entertainment and savings. Always remember, that the best way to economize dollars is to make a purse of 3\4 of your finances per month.

Piggy bank save money

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How to save money: tips
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