How to make dried fruit at home

…and save money.

When it comes to summer, it means that there are lots of berries, fruit trees and bashes which explode with heavy harvest. The main healthy goal is to eat them to get vitamins. But think about winter! Dried fruit and berries are a very tasty and nice addition to your everyday meals like cereal, muffins, porridge etc. Such homemade snacks will be so useful and delicious in cold December!

dried_fruitIf you want to store for winter, there is one option for fruit: dry. It doesn`t require some special kitchen equipment or something like this.

First of all, you have to prepare your fruit: choose fully ripened fruits and berries, wash in cold water and free them of bruises. Remove cores and pits. Then cut and slice fruits. Soak it in lemon juice for 10 minutes if you want to keep fruit looking nice. Prepare a lint-free tower and blot dry.

dried_berriesNow it is time to prepare your oven. Preheat it to 140 degrees F. If there are thin sliced fruits, use a lower temperature (130 degrees). Put slices in a single layer on backing sheets and make certain they do not touch each other.

Dried fruits are ready when they are pliable, but look like feather. Averagely, cooking takes 4-6 hours.


When your fruit and berries are ready, remove them from the oven and place into plastic containers or glass containers.

How to make dried fruit at home
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