How to download Pokémon Go

How to download  Pokémon Go on Android and iOs.

Pokémon Go is one-of-a-kind augmented reality application by Nintendo, which is available in New Zealand, England, Japan, the USA, Germany and Australia and Canada.

It is incredibly popular among different people, including adults, teenagers and middle-aged men and women. It is simplicity itself: just download Pokémon Go on Android or iOs and hunt the pocket monsters, integrating with other users. Find your Pokémons, walking by streets, museums, different historical places, shops etc.


The latest versions of the game added more features and information about Pokémon`s attack.

A proven phenomenon of mobile game gained its popularity because of its simple and nice interface, social aspects of the game and a great interaction both of real and world and Pokémon world.


If you are completely new to Pokémon`s world, learn how to download the application on iOs or Android.

How to download Pokémon Go on iOs

It is simple and clear: just download the application from the Apple Store. If the game is still not available in your area, you have to change the region. How to do it?


How to download and install Pokémon Go app for Android devices

Choose settings and tap «Security» or «Privacy». Then select «Unknown sources» and allow to install the applications from the unknown areas.

Download and find Pokémon Go app at Downloads folder. Install and enjoy!



How to download Pokémon Go
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