How to clean your home in less than 5 minutes

Especially when you don’t have time, but have last-minute guests.




Just imagine: you are at home, and your listing agent calls you because she or he has got a  customer to-be at the office, and they want to be visit you by right now. This is a nightmare scenario for every home seller. Of course you can not refuse, despite the fact your children were splashing at the bathroom, your cat just barfed in your bedroom… After all, your home doesn’t look like “sweet home”, but the hell. What would you do to make it cleaner in record time? Don’t panic! There are four tips which will help you to clean your house in less than 5 minutes.

Kitchen is the main space
According to Heather Walker, a founder of Functional Spaces Organizing, it is better to remove all the things from the work surface except the appliances and a plate with fruit and berries. Swipe everything into a basket – all the bills, pieces of paper, magazines, catalogues… Done! You are perfect!

Kitchen is the main space

Your bed
Hide all the possessions under your bed, not in your closet. Few people will bend their knees to check under the bed.
Under-bed surface is a great place to stash stuff under it in case last-minute guests come.

bed clean

When you get these be-there-in five-minutes calls, it is better to dust all the surfaces than try to vacuum every room. Dust every shelf, picture and photo frames, TV screens… The biggest mistake many people do is that they avoid dusting up on the very top of furniture – it helps to make your house cleaner for a long period of time.

dust the furniture
Fresh air
There is nothing worse than bad smells in your home, so you have to banish them. Open all the windows, use special air freshener, turn on the vents, splash some cleaning fluid in the kitchen’s sinks and toilet. Let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter how good and clean your home looks, if it is haunted by a slight funk, it will send all the visitors running in the other direction.

Fresh air

These tips are essential not only for those who have to-be-in-five-minutes-guests, but for your everyday household duties. Make it a rule to houseclean a little every day, and remember: never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

clean your home

How to clean your home in less than 5 minutes
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