Happy Birthday, French manicure!

Let`s enjoy the most popular nail design in the world.

French manicure is forty this year! In that context, Nolond has revealed the most specific and unique editions of this type of polish.

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Every year nail artists invents more and more variations which stand out from a classic one.  Give your nails some Parisian flair. It can be whatever color you want it to be, because French manicure varies from the simplest one to the most complex and unique.

Nolond has a list for you below to show you 8 variations of French manicure that can be done for this type of nail art.

Enjoy and make a note of them!


Glitter for your French tips

Meshy nails

Refresh your French manicure with bright pictures

Different tips

Geometric tips

Mat French manicure

Red&black manicure



Happy Birthday, French manicure!
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