Fashion Trend Spring-Summer 2016

As the weather is hot, start buying new clothes. What are the biggest fashion trends of 2016?

The variety of looks boggles the imagination: designers have decided that we can wear different clothes, so you can choose what to put on – dresses or jeans.

The main theme of fashion 2016 is freedom and nature.

What are the trends of spring-summer 2016?

First of all, midi-skirts. You may combine them with necky leather biker jackets, loving blouses or post-teen T-shirts.

The skirts can be made of different fabric – silk, cotton, leather, linen.


If you keep up with the fashions, bring to notice that you have to buy a long dress. The main trends are long self-coloured dresses, the most popular colours are brown, white and olive drab. You will look like an African woman, but… That is the fashion.

_VAL1133_426x639_1Do not forget about accessories: big earrings, massive necklaces, bracelets. They can be made of leather, metal and even of animals` teeth! It looks like we get back to basics.


Another fashion trend 2016 is a white lace dress. Girls think that such kind of dress looks romantic, but it doesn`t. Some people say that it looks like a nightie.


In 2016 designers took a decision that we may combine denim withdenim. If you wear a pair of jeans, put on a denim shirt. Add a denim bag. Wow!


As for shoes, the world of fashion says that we may wear shoes with heavy soles, classical sandals. Also metallic shoes are at the peak of fashion.


The main idea of fashion is not to keep your personality. Be trendy, but do not lose yourself in chase of fashion.


Fashion Trend Spring-Summer 2016
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