How to Log In to Facebook

Facebook seems to be the most popular website in the World: there are more than 70% of the people who login outside the USA.
There are more than 1.5 million businesses and more than 3.500.000 new posts are posted every month!


How to login to Facebook?

The simplest way is to go to and enter your login information: e-mail and your own private password. Then, click the «login» button.
Note: be careful and do not enter the wrong e-mail password.
Turn off «Caps Lock» button.

Also you can use «remember me» box to save the information on your computer.
You will login in automatically the next time you visit Facebook.

Do not use other computers and devices to login, except your own devices.
Also you should not login on Facebook using unknown networks.

When you are logged in, Facebook provides you your private account.

You can fill you profile, find friends and use your Facebook inbox. Also you can follow your friends latest posts and photos.

If you have problems, Facebook`s Help Center.

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How to Log In to Facebook
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