Christmas nail art

Your winter inspiration.

Be fashionable this year with popular nail art!

There is no doubt that winter is one of the most favorable and exciting seasons of the year. Everything is covered with snow, and people cover their bodies with layers of clothes.
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Nevertheless, our hands are visible, and you can you can make your nails fashionable and unusual, using creative nail polish.

Christmas nail art will color your days, making them bright and original. All you need is creativity and time.


The main colors for Christmas nail art:

  • Blue
  • Powder-blue
  • White
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Red

Doubtless, the icon of winter is snow. So, one of the most prominent Christmas nail art is snowflakes, of course.

snowflakes_nail snowflakes_nails snowflakes_winter_nails

Geometric images are also popular in winter.

tribal_nail_design tribal_design


If you like matte colors, you can use them to make your winter nails perfect.

matte_christmas_nail_design matte_christmas_nails

Glitters… We need more glitters!

glitter_silver glitters glitter_christmas_nails

Use Polka dots to make your nails wonderful.

polka_dots polka_dots_manicure

Scandinavian ornaments are a perfect way to decorate nails for Christmas.

scandinavian_design scandinavian_nails scandinavian_nails_winter

lovely deer for your Christmas nail art.

deer_nail nail_deer deer_nail_design deers_nails

Turn your attention to cozy Knit nail trend. So cuuute…

knit_design knit_nail_art knit_nails

There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree.

christmas_tree christmas_tree_nail




Christmas nail art
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