Beauty hacks every girl should know

Being a girl is hard, but there are beauty hacks which can help you to be the prettiest girl in the world.



Streaky warpaint is a key to success. It is of no importance how do you contour, cause all the magic happens when you blend it all.


Highlighting powder is your helper: if you want to look fresh and more awake, you should add a little highlighting to the high point of your face, cheeks and nose.

Highlighting powder
To make your lips bigger, use the same powder.

make your lips bigger
Remember: a warm eyelash curler works better than a hot one or a room temperature now.

eyelash curler
If you want to accentuate your cupid`s bow, use a white eyeliner.

Cupid's bow
Want to save money? Homemade shellac manicure and pedicure must be your choice.

Homemade shellac manicure and pedicure
Spoon makes a perfect shape for your eyeliner.

spoon eyeliner
To get a vibrant manicure, use a white base coat.

vibrant manicure
The strategic places for your perfume are hair, behind knees and even inside elbows!

strategic places for your perfume
Bronzed based makeup can help to contour your décolletage.

Bronzed based makeup