Animal selfies which will make you smile

The loveliest animals ever.

The previous year was the year of selfie. 2016 is the year of the face swap. So, what about 2017? What do you think about the year of animal selfie? Huh? Most of animals make selfies better than you! Need a proof? See these funny and cute photos below!



Farm, sweet farm

ostrich selfie

“One more selfie for Instagram… Please!”

funny selfie

Classical selfie

animal selfie

Instakoala wants to break the record of Instagram and to become Instagram queen

selfie animals

Commemorative picture… Just for you

animals selfie

Relaxing on the beach

penguins selfie

Using the updated version of GoPro

tortoise selfie

Work hard

dog selfies

Good morning, my dear followers!”

selfie dog

“What`s going on?”


Animal selfies which will make you smile
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