An engagement photo with lovely squirrel

Love, nature and squirrel – what else is needed?

Everybody knows, that romantic engagement photos are an excellent way to show your love and happiness to relatives and friends. An engagement photo of future newlyweds Kelin Flanagan and Spencer Taubner from Canada is a topic of discussion. Why?


To take some romantic pictures, bride and groom set off into the wilderness of Banff National Park which is situated in Alberta. Stunning backdrops and amazing nature considered to be the only elements for sweet photos. But the couple couldn`t predict this! One little creature decided to take a photo and have some fun too.


They couldn`t reach Lake Helen because of bad weather and decided to stop at a rocky area surrounded by trees to make a few shots. Suddenly, they noticed a woodland creature, little squirrel. It is not so unusual, but this one kept inching its way extremely closer. The couple said, that it was «a very expressive little squirrel».

The photo is definitely noteworthy and it is one for a family album!



An engagement photo with lovely squirrel
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