7 lifehacks to manipulate people

When people manipulate, they are like puppet masters. Manipulation is a great way to achieve goals and to effect the desired result.

Manipulation is easy, and there are 7 social hacks for you. Let`s go!

Stand next to wrathful and incursive people – they regain temper.

When you beg for help from someone, always start with «I need your help». It increases your chances of getting that favor from a person or a group of people.

When you listen to a person, rephrase and repeat back his or her phrases. It will let them see that you are interested in them and your dialogue.

If you want somebody to agree with your opinion and with you, you have to nod when you talk. It makes other people think that they support you.

If you want to determine interest, fold your arms. People will likely mimic you, when they observe you. They will do it too.

Repeat a person`s name many times during your conversation. It is an excellent way to show that you remember him or her and think about him or her.



7 lifehacks to manipulate people
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