7 books to blow your mind

You have to read them.

Writers don’t want to show their inner world when they write books – they just want to share his vision of people`s life, habits, feelings, about the world around. A good writer makes readers smile, cry, irritate etc.

A wonderful author can show people`s hidden parts of soul, which they know, but can`t put into words.

There are 7 books which will blow your mind. Be careful! You will have deep thinking.



«1984», George Orwell

The book that gave us a popular phrase «Big Brother is watching you». The novel presents a sad story about Winston Smith, an editor, who has no right to have love, freedom and even life. A major theme of the novel is censorship and tyranny.


«Fahrenheit 451», Ray Bradbury

The novel is similar to «1984» because it shows tyranny and wrongs. It is forbidden to read books, because they make people think. The name of the book is the temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns.


«Der Prozess», Franz Kafka

The author shows fear grows of the Government, which can punish a man even if he is not guilty. The novel is unfinished.


«Neuromancer», William Gibson

William Gibson was one of the earliest writers who brought science fiction into a literary form. The author introduces the world of cyberpunk generation. The high-tech underworld and its interaction into real life are the main themes of the book.


«Lord of the Flies», William Golding

This astonishing book is considered as a tale about English school boys and their adventures, but the meaning of the book is deeper. The story is about our primitive instincts and our ability to fight with them.


«Il nome della Rosa», Umberto Eco

At first sight, Middle Ages` customs are so far from modern reality, but it is not so. The conflict of conservatism and anxiety for knowledge, different values and challenges… The book is a must-have.


«The Picture of Dorian Gray», Oscar Wilde

«The picture of Dorian Gray» is one of the most popular books in world because of its intensity. The portrait of the main character is changing from a handsome young man to an ugly person – the ultimate price a person has to pay for all the things he has done.



7 books to blow your mind
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